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Center of interest "World Yo-yo Day" at the Sescelades campus CRAI

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Sescelades campus CRAI

On the occasion of World Yo-Yo Day (June 6), the CRAI Sescelades has prepared a center of interest where we explore the physics and mechanisms involved in the operation of this toy and everyday objects in general. You will find resources from the CRAI campus Sescelades related to physics, mechanics and the game.

To the Disclosure area on floor 1.

Exhibition "El Rector de Vallfogona. Historia y mito" at the Sescelades campus CRAI

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Sescelades campus CRAI

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the death of Francesc Vicent Garcia, known as the Rector of Vallfogona, the exhibition "The Rector of Vallfogona. History and myth" can be visited at the Sescelades campus CRAI. This exhibition coincided with the International Conference "Woman, Eros and Holiness: the feminine universe in the work of Vicent Garcia and the Catalan Baroque", which was held on the Catalunya campus on December 4 and 5.

It is a seven-panel exhibition that narrates the life and work of Francesc Vicent Garcia, the first great writer of Catalan baroque literature and the most popular of the time. This exhibition is complemented by the bibliographic compilation of the work that the CRAI has on the author. It is an informative exhibition created with the desire to awaken interest in the figure of the author.

The exhibition has been produced by the Institution of Catalan Letters, with the collaboration of the Library Service of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Exhibition "Llibres, vins & art" at the Vila-seca campus CRAI

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Vila-seca campus CRAI

From June 10 to 19 you can visit the Vila-seca campus CRAI exhibition "Llibres, Vins i Art". This exhibition is organized by Publicacions URV, and also includes Servei Lingüístic, Finca i Celler Mas dels Frares, Facultat d'Oenologia, Fons d'Art i Aula d'Art of the URV and the Office of Social Commitments.

The exhibition "Llibres, vins & art" is a tour of the books from Publicacions URV and the vins from the Celler Experimental Mas dels Frares of the Faculty of Oenology that contain works from the Fons d'Art of our University, and if they are reculllen the semblance of the artists.

Exhibition "Humor y tinta: retratos de Julio Cortázar y Carlos Barral en el 60 aniversario de Rayuela" at the Catalunya campus CRAI

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Catalunya campus CRAI

In the proceedings of the II International Congress 50 years of the Calafell Boom. Carlos Barral and ... Julio Cortázar, at the CRAI Campus Catalunya you can visit the exhibition "Humor y tinta: portraits of Julio Cortázar and Carlos Barral in the 60th anniversary of Rayuela".

This exhibition shows caricatures of Cortázar and Barral, made by various artists from around the world on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Cortázar's death and the 60th anniversary of the publication of Rayuela. These caricatures are accompanied by fragments of the work Rayuela, the result of an event held on June 4, where several fragments of the work were chosen at random among the participants.

Organized by: Department of Romance Philologies of the URV.