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Exhibition "Ukraine, and now what?" at the seu Baix Penedès CRAI

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seu Baix Penedès CRAI

The purpose of the exhibition is to give visibility to the armed conflict. The set of images captures the cruelty of a war conflict that, unfortunately, has surrounded Europe in the middle of the 21st century, leading the viewer to reflect on the reality of Human Rights aimed at the war in Ukraine. We find images around people and homes.

This exhibition is curated by Mirades del món and has the collaboration of the URV Solidària.

Center of interest "Planning the Summer" at the CRAI campus Bellissens

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CRAI campus Bellissens

European Documentation Center of the Bellissens campus CRAI makes available to the university community travel guides for the most interesting European cities: Paris, London, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin, Prague, Lisbon, Rome, Florence, Madrid, Ibiza and many more . See the selection of travel guides in our Finder.

Cheer up and enjoy the summer to the fullest thanks to the complete and structured information in these guides.

Borrow them and travel!!!

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Exhibition "Llibres, vins & art" at the Terres de l'Ebre campus CRAI

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Terres de l’Ebre campus CRAI

From June 26 to July 9 you can visit the Terres de l’Ebre campus CRAI exhibition "Llibres, Vins i Art". This exhibition is organized by Publicacions URV, and also includes Servei Lingüístic, Finca i Celler Mas dels Frares, Facultat d'Oenologia, Fons d'Art i Aula d'Art of the URV and the Office of Social Commitments.

The exhibition "Llibres, vins & art" is a tour of the books from Publicacions URV and the vins from the Celler Experimental Mas dels Frares of the Faculty of Oenology that contain works from the Fons d'Art of our University, and if they are reculllen the semblance of the artists.

Center of interest "Travel Guides" at the Vila-seca campus CRAI

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Vila-seca campus CRAI

The Vila-seca campus CRAI has prepared an interest center with a selection of travel guides. So, if you go on a trip this summer, remember that you have a thousand and one guides available.