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Borrowing e-readers

Ebooks reader

  • E-readers are electronic devices designed for the purpose of reading digital content (books, newspapers, etc.)
  • You can borrow these readers from the CRAI's loan counter for fourteen calendar days. If they have not been reserved by someone else, you can extend your initial reservation  for seven more days.
CRAI Number of readers           Model
Catalunya Campus CRAI              9

6 Papyre 6.1

2 Irex DR800

1 Kindle

Sescelades Campus CRAI              3

2 Papyre 6.1

1 Kindle

Terres de l'Ebre Campus CRAI              1 Papyre 6.1
Bellissens Campus CRAI              3 Papyre 6.1
Vila-seca Campus CRAI              1 Papyre 6.1
Medicine and Health Sciences CRAI              1 Papyre 6.1
Seu Baix Penedès CRAI              1 Papyre 6.1

Remember that you can find material that can be read on e-readers in the CRAI search engine (cercador) and URV Publications

For further information, check Pregunt@.