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La Factoria

What is the Factory?

The Factory is the CRAI service linked to the Educational Resources Service that supports the incorporation of technology into academic activities.

Its aim is to support digital production through ICT and Knowledge and Learning Technologies (TAC) to carry out academic, research and teaching materials.

The Factory helps you:

  • The production of audiovisual projects, from their planning and editing, to the use of equipment on loan: video cameras, reflex photos, tripods, audio recorders, microphones, etc.
  • To know tools and resources for creating multimedia materials, presentations, posters, infographics, academic poster, interactive content, etc.
  • To find and produce the type of teaching video that best suits your needs: screenshot, recording on set, animation, interview ...
  • Toi use the URV Virtual Training Environment and its integrated tools: Videoconferences and digital portfolios.


Leaflet of the Factory 

Virtual Factory services


Services provided by the Factory

Open Factory-Independent use

For members of the university community who wish to work independently on their academic activities with equipment and software* from the Factory.

* Check what can be supplied at the various points from which equipment and software can be made available.

Loan of audiovisual material

For members of the university community who require audiovisual hardware for their academic activities

Personalised advice

For those members of the university community who need support if they are to be able to use IT for their academic activities and who wish to receive instruction in how to use the Factory's equipment and the software.

For any questions or advice, please contact us at: crai.factoria(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat