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Language learning support

EAL ofereix

What is the Self-access Language Centre?

The Self-Access Language Centre (EAL) helps the members of the university community to learn languages on a face-to-face basis or online.

This service is intended mainly for English learners, but we also provide support in finding resources for learning Catalan and Spanish.


Services offered by the Self-Access Language Center

To access guided English learning services...

  • The EAL staff offers you the possibility of taking a level test and will help you carry out an analysis of your linguistic learning needs, so that you can start working with the material and resources that best adapt to the objectives you want to achieve. You will also have the option to track your progress, either in person, through arranged tutorials, or virtually via email and Teams.
  • To access all the services you must be an active student, PDI or PAS of the URV and fill out the guided services form with your contact information, the chosen language, the level you have, aspects to improve and the type of guided service that you need.

For more information...

If you have any queries or require any further information, send and email to crai.espaillengues(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat