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Borrowing documents

Préstec de documents

Borrowing URV documents

  • Borrowing

To find out whether you can borrow a document, check the catalogue. All the documents available or already out on loan can be reserved from the catalogue. Consult the guide How to make a reservation (catalan) or the video tutorial (catalan)

To avoid unnecessary travelling, you can request, pick up and return the documents to the information and loan counters ate any of the URV CRAIs.

If you reserve a document that is out on loan, we will e-mail you when it has been returned. Reserved documents are them kept for four days.

For more information, you can consult the Regulation governing the URV CRAI’s loans service.

If you have any queries or questions, please ask at the loan counters or at the on-line service Pregunt@.

Borrowing non-URV documents

As of July 8th, you will not be able to make requests for Préstec Consorciat (PUC) due to the closure of some libraries for holidays and because the management system is being changed. The service will be restored from September 16.

  • PUC or consortial borrowing

PUC is a free consortial borrowing service that allows you to request documents from other libraries belonging to the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC) and take them out on loan. All members of CSUC institutions (students, teaching and research staff, administrative and service staff, and authorized personnel) can use the service.

See how many documents you can borrow.

You can request documents from the website or in situ (in person at the library to where they are deposited). To be able to use this service, you must

  • be registered and in the database of users of the URV CRAI,
  • not have any documents out on loan that should have been returned,
  • not have accumulated too many penalty points for having returned books after the scheduled return date.

On-line PUC

If you are an authorized URV user you can request documents from other institutions that belong to the CSUC directly via the Cercador

  • You must identify yourself and indicate the library where you want the document to be sent.
  • In the document application form, you must choose the preferred local collection location, which is the campus CRAI where you want to collect the document.
  • The system automatically chooses the institution that will lend the document.
  • In the event that the document cannot be provided, a cancellation notice will be sent by e-mail, and almost immediately.
  •  After a few days you will be sent an e-mail saying that you have four days in which to pick up the document from the library you specified.

 PUC in situ

If you an authorized URV user you can go personally to any of the libraries that belong to the CSUC, identify yourself with your URV card and take out documents on loan.

For further information, please go to:

Interlibrary loan and document delivery (PI/SOD):

If you cannot find the document you are looking for at the URV and you cannot get it on loan from one of the Catalan universities (PUC), you can fill in the form and request it through the interlibrary loan and document delivery service (PI/SOD).

For further information, check Pregunt@