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Special collections

Llegats i donatius

Over the years the CRAI of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili has received a series of donations and legacies that have considerably enriched its collection:

  • Vidal-Capmany bequest: the archive and the collection of Jaume Vidal Alcover and Maria Aurelia Capmany Farnés, left to the URV in 1991 in compliance with the last will and testament of the two authors.

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  • Bequest of Teresa Rovira i Comas: consists of more than 200 documents about the figure of Antoni Rovira i Virgili, journalist, writer, philologist, historian, ideologist and nationalist politician who was born in Tarragona, fled into exile in January 1939 and died in Perpignan in 1949 while he was the president of the Catalan Parliament in exile.

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  • Mr Pau Xuriguera Collection: located at the Catalunya campus CRAI, it consists of 342 books and journals from the period he spent as a teacher in France.

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  • The Bloc Feminista de Tarragona Collection: this is a collection of 178 volumes, specializing in women and feminism, which comes from the library of the Bloc Feminista de Tarragona, active between 1979 and 2001.

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  • Domènec Guansé Collection: It is the personal library of the Tarragona writer, journalist, translator and literary critic Domènec Guansé and consists of almost 800 documents of publications published between 1897 and 1978, of creation (prose and poetry), and mostly dedicated by different authors to the Guansé himself. It arrived at Crai Catalunya as a donation from the Òmnium Cultural del Tarragonès, on its 50th anniversary.

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  • The Dr H.S. Klein Collection: a donation of almost 4,500 documents made by Dr Herbert S. Klein, professor at the University of Stanford, California, on the history, politics and economy of North and South America.

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  • The Falange Collection: donated by Dr Joan M. Thomas, professor of the Department of History and the History of Art of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Almost 1,000 copies on the Falange and Francoism. It also contains documents donated by the Caixa de Tarragona Periodicals Library.

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  • The legal collection: historical collection of books dealing with legal issues from the 18th, 19th and beginning of the 20th century, made up of donations made by specialists in law from Tarragona and public institutions.

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  • The Ramon Comas i Maduell Collection: unpublished typewritten documents, originals and separates, as well as letters received and sent that allows us to reconstruct the trajectory of this versatile author from Tarragona. It was donated by the writer and journalist Ignasi Riera, who had received it from Ramon Comas shortly before his untimely death.

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  • Horacio Capel Collection: donation of the personal library of the geographer Horacio Capel, made up of almost 1,000 documents from publications mostly devoted to urban geography but also to other subjects, as well as a large part of his work.

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  • Albentosa Collection: donation from the personal library of the geographer Dr. Luis Miguel Albentosa, available at the Vila-seca campus CRAI. It is made up of more than 600 documents, mostly dedicated to physical geography and climatology, but also on other subjects.

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The CRAI will only accept a donation if it is believed that it enriches the CRAI collection.