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Termcat’s terminological on-line database, with a Personal Attention Service, which lets users send their queries to a terminology specialist at their Consultation Service.

Criteris UB

Writing standards, style guide, grammar issues and various sample documents.


Here you have the second edition of the Diccionari de la llengua catalana published by the Institute of Catalan Studies.

Do de llengües

 On-line resources to look up words and expressions, to correct and translate documents and learn Catalan and other languages.


Language website of the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA), which is addressed to people who are interested in the use of Catalan in the media.


A site that gathers together all the enciclopedia.cat and diccionari.cat search engines.


This site includes the following on-line Catalan learning resources:

    Guies de conversa

A collection of university conversation guides, also known as “A University Phrase Book”, in different languages in order to make communication easier in university circles. It is specially addressed to foreign students with a basic level of Catalan.


A Catalan course set in a university context to learn the practical aspects of daily life, through grammar and vocabulary exercises. It is suitable for beginners.

    Romanica Intercom

Self-assessment activities to acquire a certain degree of reading autonomy. It includes contrastive grammar, an educational guide for teachers and learners, and some sample texts.

iate and advanced).


An online learning site with educational material to learn Catalan. Addressed to basic, elementary, intermediate and advanced students. You can choose between a self-access or a tutored option (you need to register at the URV’s Language Service). There is a Virtual Avenue (Rambla) with various resources to get to know Catalan culture better. It also offers some tools for students to answer questions throughout their language learning process.


A newsletter you can subscribe to, in order to get a word or expression sent directly to your e-mail address every day. Designed for people who want to learn and practise elementary Catalan.


A newsletter you can subscribe to, in order to get a word or expression with its meaning and examples of use either via e-mail or Twitter every day. Addressed to people who want to expand, improve or review their Catalan.

Lyrics Training

This is a website for you to work on your Spanish while you enjoy listening to music.  You can choose your level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert). It is a great tool to do some listening and pronunciation practice and learn new vocabulary.

Praxi lingüística 

A search engine for writing URV documents.

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If you have any queries or require any further information, send and email to crai.espaillengues(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat