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Silent study and reading space

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At the URV's CRAI you will find spaces for silent study and reading that are either set apart from the main library study space or part of it:

CRAI Types of silent space Seats Opening hours         
Catalunya Campus CRAI Part of main library study space    259 8-21:00
Sescelades Campus CRAI            Separate    258 8-21:00
Terres de l'Ebre Campus CRAI            Separate     40 8-21:00
Bellissens Campus CRAI            Separate     76 8-21:00          
Vila-seca Campus CRAI            Separate     40 8:30-20:00
Medicine and Health Sciences CRAI Part of main library study space     173  8-21:00
Seu Baix Penedès CRAI              ---     ---        ---
Seu Vilafranca CRAI              ---     ---        ---

For further information, get in touch with the online service Pregunt@.