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As long as the health alert for COVID-19 lasts, CRAI staff works from home, providing you with the online resources and virtual services described below. We are available to answer your queries.

Online resources 

Online information resources: How to search


CRAI URV Discovery Tool allows simultaneous search of the catalog and different databases to find books, articles, magazines and all types of documents.

Filter by "Full Text" to access electronic resources.



Enter the term / s that interest you in the Cercador and filter by "E-book". Guide  Video tutorial

Electronic journal articles

Enter the term (s) that interest you in the Cercador and filter by "Article" + "Full text". Guide  Video tutorial

Electronic journal 

Enter the term (s) that interest you in the Cercador and filter by "Electronic Journals, Electronic Publishing". Guide  Video tutorial


Search for a specific database by title or consult the available ones for each subject.  Guide  Video tutorial


Enter the term (s) that interest you in the and filter by "Electronic video". Guide  Video tutorial

To access the URV Digital Library you must validate SABiDi with your usual credentials. Follow the support videos.

Online teaching resources

Multidisciplinary information resources 

Information resources by subject area (only catalan)


The services that you have at your disposal during this period:


Virtual Services

Loan service
  • Summer Loan: From July 1, the return date of all documents will be September 20
  • Closing of the loan service: From July 12, the loan service will be closed until September. Come to CRAI to get everything you need on loan before July 9th !!
  • Closing of the PUC service: From July 1, no documents can be requested for PUC. Take advantage and ask for them during the month of June !!!
  • Deactivating "My Account": As of July 1, "My Account" is deactivated.
  • The return of the documents on loan: If you have documents on loan, they can be returned to the campus CRAI, although the return will not be reflected until September.
  • The interlibrary loan service will answer requests for documents in electronic format.
Suport for learning and teaching
Support service researcher

CRAI answer

The CRAI, we will regurlarly update the latest information related to its services. You find this on the CRAI website and on our Twitter , Instagram , Facebook and Youtube accounts. #JoEmQuedoACasaURV #craiURVirtual #serveisvirtuals

Also, some publishers are offering open source resources that we don't have subscriptions for, we will keep you informed through the news section of CRAI.

Finally, on the URV information on coronavirus website you will find updated information regarding the COVID-19 health alert at the URV.