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General commitments

1. Make available to users the means and support materials necessary to perform the functions assigned to the CRAI.

2. Provide information on services, organization, activities and general operation of the URV and on the services specifically offered by the CRAI.

3. Provide users with diversified spaces to meet the needs of study, group work, consultation, training and rest.

4. To propose, acquire, process and disseminate information and documentation resources in accordance with the learning, teaching and research needs of the University.

5. Develop virtual services in order to facilitate the use of the CRAI.

6. To support the research and scientific production of the URV.

7. Facilitate users' access to their own or external information resources available, facilitating their maximum use.

8. Promote the development and use of the Digital Library.

9. Make information search and retrieval tools available to users.

10. Advise users on the search and use of information.

11. To train and train users in the transversal competences that are incumbent on them.

12. Provide support on copyright and intellectual property.

13. To support and inform about the copyrights in the elaboration of teaching materials and academic works.

14. To favor the knowledge and the use of the multimedia technologies in the elaboration of educational and academic materials.

15. Contribute to the development of the URV's institutional repository and to the application of the institutional mandate on open access.

16. Participate in the processes of evaluation and improvement of the quality of the University.

17. Conduct regular user satisfaction surveys.

18. Periodically review quality commitments, taking into account the results obtained and the opinion of users.

19. Efficiently manage economic and human resources for the proper functioning of the service.

20. Participate in transversal projects with other areas and university services.

21. Integrate and make profitable the support services to the university community.

22. Participate in the projects of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia in order to improve the benefits to users.

23. All other functions assigned to it by the Statute or entrusted to it by the Governing Council