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Center of interest "Science Week" at Sescelades campus CRAI

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Zona de Divulgació Planta 1 Sescelades campus CRAI

The "Science Week" center of interest is made up of popular science-related books and a promotional video is also played.

The activity is part of the 27th Science Week in which the URV participates with activities.

Exhibition "Nurses in memory: the invisible force of a profession" at the Catalunya campus CRAI

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Catalunya campus CRAI

The exhibition takes a historical journey from the 13th century in the Crown of Aragon to the creation of the university diploma in 1977. A review of school models, regulated studies or the participation of nurses in war conflicts, among others. Through explanatory panels that also show uniforms, books, photographs and old instruments, visitors will travel back in time.

The exhibition will open on November 16 at the CRAI Campus Catalunya.

Exhibition “Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Propaganda, manipulation and confrontation of narratives" at Catalunya Campus CRAI

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Catalunya Campus CRAI

The exhibition "The concentration camp of Sachsenhausen. Propaganda, manipulation and confrontation of narratives", takes us back in history and in time to get closer to the reality that was built in the Nazi concentration camp of Sachsenhausen, located from 1936 to 1950 in the north of Berlin, in the city of Oranienburg (now the federal state of Brandenburg). And, focusing from its origins to the year 1945, it shows on the different testimonies that victims and perpetrators have left us. On the one hand the Nazis, with their propaganda photographs. On the other, we will see the version of those who were prisoners through drawings and memories of lived experiences.

The exhibition, made up of 10 roll-ups, aims to foster a critical spirit, raise awareness of the dangers of manipulation, fascism and Nazism. It also aims to somehow dignify the memory of the victims by recovering the experiences of those who were imprisoned.

The opening is scheduled for February 7, at 11am. It can be visited, in the hall of the CRAI campus Catalunya, from then until February 25. Subsequently, it will be exhibited in the various campus CRAIs that the university has throughout the territory, carrying out an itinerary that can be followed through the CRAI Agend.