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Exhibition "Views of the World" at the Vila-seca campus CRAI

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Vila-seca campus CRAI

The exhibition consists of six panels of "Women of the World" that are the result of a project carried out by the NGO Mirades del Món and the Óscar Romero Solidarity Committee.

During the 2022/2023 academic year, 3rd grade students from six schools in Tarragona (La Salle Tarragona, Marcel·lí Domingo School, Lestonnac Tarragona School, CampClar School, CEEP Sant Rafael and El Serrallo School) have learned the reality of six women from the world with the help of different NGOs that work with children and women around the world (ECCIT, Fundación Vicente Ferrer, Aldea Yanapay, AfricaNdoto, Kolam, Proide and Dream Nepal). Once the schools have learned about the reality of women, several illustrators have helped the children make an illustration of the different realities.

The children who made the drawings are: Berta Artigal, Carla Brota, Namibia Coronado, Tati Ayala, Vanessa Castro and Gabriela Basin.


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