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Exhibition "#Primavera musical: LITERATURA I CANÇONS" at Catalunya campus CRAI

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Catalunya campus CRAI

The exhibition has been promoted by the University of Alicante, and coordinated at the URV by the Department of Catalan Philology, the CRAI, the Linguistic Service and the Association of Catalan Language Teachers and Writers (APELLC).

In this exhibition, a journey is made through music through literature, through literature through music, through the authors and those who sing:

"The ways in which literature fits into music can be very diverse. It goes far beyond the setting of poems to music, of which we will make a brief brushstroke in this exhibition. There are some authors who have become symbols and references, because of what they have written, because of the impact of their works, and that is why they are sung a lot and take the lead in parts of songs. On some occasions it is the names of their works that appear in them and, on others , the characters they have created. And as the ultimate literary reference, there are the intertextualities, the obvious ones and the ones that go unnoticed and it's a joy to discover them."


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