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Exhibition "Re pudiats" at the Catalunya campus CRAI

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Catalunya campus CRAI

The URV Art Room, in its programming, has invited the artist Joan Paton to exhibit his work at the CRAI campus Catalunya. The "Re pudiats" exhibition can be visited until June 9.

Joan Paton's artistic projects are nourished by the dust and dirt that hides under the rugs of the political and economic system, under social conventions, clichés and stereotypes. Always trying to highlight what Tancredi, one of the protagonists of "El Gattopardo", the novel by Tomasi di Lampedusa, maintained: everything must change so that nothing changes. In this case, Joan Paton makes us question our benevolent view of immigration, as if our paradise is subject to a threat that has an unknown form and concreteness, like thunder that echoes on the horizon. The art that Joan Paton practices, based on the freedom that sustains creative exercise, offers us the possibility to ask ourselves new questions, questions that until now have seemed unimaginable and that could challenge the monopolization of the description of the world we have culturally internalized. (Marius Domingo, curator)


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