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Exhibition "Nativity Scene: History, Culture and Tradition" at the CRAI campus Catalonia

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Catalunya Campus CRAI

The CRAI campus Catalonia hosts the exhibition "Nativity Scenes: History, Culture and Tradition", where you will discover the different phases of the construction and artistic process of the models and dioramas that make up the nativity scenes.

You can also consult a selection of the bibliographic collections of the Associació Pessebrista de Tarragona and some of its members, which documents the history and ethnography of Christmas, the process of building the nativity scene, the figures that make it up and its tradition around the world.

In addition, you will find historical documentation of the entity itself and an videographic sample of works carried out by the Tarragona's builders of nativity scenes.

On such auspicious dates, we recommend this exhibition, which is closely linked to our traditions.

As a complement, we recommend a visit to the exhibition of nativity scenes and dioramas that the association, under the name "El Pessebre: del popular a l'artistic", has this year at the Antiga Audiència (Pl. Del Pallol, 3 · Tarragona).


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