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CRAI's survey

The CRAI considers that the key element to establish and foster a culture of continuous improvement is to know the opinion and satisfaction of its users about the CRAI.

The results obtained are a key part of the continuous process of improving CRAI's resources and services.

User satisfaction survey with the CRAI

The CRAI periodically prepares user satisfaction surveys, of a general nature, aimed at different groups of the university community.

The purpose of the surveys is to find out the level of satisfaction of each target group with regard to the Learning and Research Resource Center.

Surveys have been carried out aimed at:

  • Students: 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2019
  • POI: 2013, 2017 and 2021

CRAI User Satisfaction Survey aimed at students (academic year 2022-23). In order to promote their participation and thank them for answering the survey, a tablet will be raffled among all participating students. Consult the rules of the draw.

Data for the raffle of a digital tablet among the participants in the student survey:

Other surveys

The CRAI also carries out evaluation surveys of its resources and services.

  • Training surveys: addressed to the attendees of the training courses to find out the opinion of the users and improve aspects of the course for future editions.
  • Survey of the interlibrary loan service and obtaining documents to assess the level of satisfaction of users who have used this service. More information.
  • Surveys on social networks: to find out the opinion of the followers of the CRAI social networks or the knowledge of the followers in some resource or service.