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Exhibition "Mathematics for a better world" at the Sescelades campus CRAI

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Sescelades campus CRAI

With the support of the Department of Computer Engineering and Mathematics of the URV, this exhibition, created by the Catalan Mathematics Society, the FECYT and other institutions, has been installed on the CRAI campus Sescelades. It offers a short tour of some current applications of mathematics in the world around us, in areas as diverse as industry, engineering, technology, economics and health.

It can be visited in the lobby of the Sescelades campus CRAI until December 23rd, coinciding with the first quarter of the new degree in Mathematical and Physical Engineering of the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Enginyeria (ETSE).

Extraordinary online training Scopus database: II cycle of online training

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Between December 13th and 17th, FECYT and Elsevier organize a Scopus Online Training Cycle. The objective is to make known to researchers, students and library staff the latest updates and news from Scopus, as well as the functionalities designed for institutions.

9 free courses have been programmed in Spanish language lasting 90 minutes, which will be repeated in the morning and afternoon.

  1. Scopus: Introduction and search by subject
  2. Scopus: Author profiles
  3. Scopus: Metrics
  4. Scopus: Institutional Perspective / Beyond Scopus
  5. Scopus: Author profiles
  6. Scopus: Introduction and search by subject
  7. Scopus: Institutional Perspective / Beyond Scopus
  8. Scopus: Metrics
  9. Scopus: Introducing Scopus LibGuide / Q&A

Check all the sessions and formalize the prior registration through this link. The first time you log in, SABiDi will ask for validation with the university's credentials. From here, you can choose the session or sessions of your interest. Use the institutional mail of the URV when filling in the registration form. Once formalized, you will receive a confirmation email that must be saved because it contains the link to access the session on the day and time indicated. Check your spam folder if you haven't received it.

All users who take the courses will receive by email a satisfaction survey and, a few weeks later, the certificate of attendance which will include all the sessions in which a minimum of 45 minutes has been attended.

Recorded sessions and training material from other Scopus and Web of Science courses can also be downloaded.

Exhibition #FotoRecercaURV2021 at Terres de l'Ebre campus CRAI

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Terres de l'Ebre campus CRAI

The exhibition on scientific photography on social networks is a selection of the images that were presented in the contest #FotoRecercaURV2021, promoted by the Unit of Scientific Culture and Innovation of the URV, ComCiència and with the co-financing of the Diputació de Tarragona and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

The exhibition is made up of 23 images showing the URV's scientific research and dissemination activities, grouped into three different categories: general, microscopic and all those related to covid19.

Exhibition "Nativity Scene: History, Culture and Tradition" at the CRAI campus Catalonia

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Catalunya Campus CRAI

The CRAI campus Catalonia hosts the exhibition "Nativity Scenes: History, Culture and Tradition", where you will discover the different phases of the construction and artistic process of the models and dioramas that make up the nativity scenes.

You can also consult a selection of the bibliographic collections of the Associació Pessebrista de Tarragona and some of its members, which documents the history and ethnography of Christmas, the process of building the nativity scene, the figures that make it up and its tradition around the world.

In addition, you will find historical documentation of the entity itself and an videographic sample of works carried out by the Tarragona's builders of nativity scenes.

On such auspicious dates, we recommend this exhibition, which is closely linked to our traditions.

As a complement, we recommend a visit to the exhibition of nativity scenes and dioramas that the association, under the name "El Pessebre: del popular a l'artistic", has this year at the Antiga Audiència (Pl. Del Pallol, 3 · Tarragona).

Exhibition "Knowledge and the world. UNESCO URV Chairs" at Sescelades campus CRAI

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Sescelades campus CRAI

Exhibition prepared on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of UNESCO, in which the URV UNESCO Chair in Housing has participated.

Through 23 information panels, it is possible to discover what tasks a chair carries out, which are its areas of work, the most relevant international interventions or, among others, the different lines of research that are carried out.

Exhibition “Round the world and shake your environment with a workcamp!" at Medicine and Health Sciences CRAI

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Medicine & Health Sciences CRAI

The exhibition "Go around the world and shake your environment with a workcamp!" shows the work carried out by the Service Civil International of Catalonia, through volunteering, in order to empower society towards change, promoting social transformation at local and international level. 

It is made up of 27 panels divided into different categories. Each part is explained in an information panel and is accompanied by photographs by different authors. It also has a general panel to publicize the organization, show one of the workcamps and explain the exhibition. 

We hope that this exhibition will open you up to new experiences and encourage you to be part of this community of volunteers, participating in one of the many workcamps they offer