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Other information about borrowing

Préstec de documents

  • All users are responsible for the safekeeping of the document, room or equipment they have borrowed. They must draw the CRAI's staff's attention to any damage they may notice. 
  • All documents, rooms (key or card) and equipment must be returned to the CRAI's loan counter within the stipulated loan period and undamaged.
  • All documents and equipment that are not returned within the stipulated period will be recalled using the contact details provided. Therefore, users are obliged to ensure that their details are valid at all times.
  • If documents, rooms or equipment are returned late, penalty points will be applied per day or per hour (depending on the type of loan):
    • 1 penalty point per document and day: for unrestricted books and audiovisual documents.
    • 3 penalty points per document and day: for basic bibliography and special loan documents.
    • 3 points per hour: for rooms and equipment that are borrowed for use on CRAI premises (group-study rooms, laptops, videoconferencing equipment and small pieces of equipment).
    • 5 points per day: for equipment that is borrowed for use off CRAI premises (e-readers and audiovisual equipment from the Factory).
  • Users can borrow material from the CRAI as long as they have not accumulated more than 20 penalty points. If they exceed 20 points, their borrowing will be restricted in accordance with the following criteria:
    • Penalty points are applied per working day and in the same way at all the CRAIs of the URV.
    • Penalty points for the late return of documents, rooms and equipment accumulate throughout the academic year.
    • If users accumulate more than 20 penalty points, they will not be allowed to borrow material for 30 days.
    • Each block of more than 20 points for late return increases the time during which borrowing is not allowed by 30 days. So:
      • 21 penalty points = 30 days without borrowing
      • 42 penalty points = 60 days without borrowing
      • 63 penalty points = 90 days without borrowing
      • etc.
  • If users have not accumulated more than 20 penalty points for late return, these are written off at the beginning of the new academic year. If users had accumulated sufficient penalty points not to be allowed to borrow at the end of one academic year, the penalty will run its course until the full period has expired.
  • If a document or item of equipment that has been borrowed is lost or damaged, the user will be required to replace it for another copy of the same edition or the same item of equipment. If the same document or item of equipment is unobtainable, the user must replace the lost or damaged item with one that is similar or cover the cost of replacing it. Until the user has done so, he or she will not be able to borrow any more material from the CRAI and may even be subject to sanction in accordance with the Regulations Governing Student Discipline or the consequences of legal action that the URV may decide to take.

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